Hey! I'm Courtney.

Here’s what’s going on in my studio right now!

Hey singer!

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 2022!

In celebration of the new year, you’re invited to join me on Instagram for 22 live, free vocal warm-ups this year!

For the first 11 weeks of 2022, I’ll be hosting 2 warm ups per week. 

This is perfect for you if:
🎶you need to ease back into your routine or shake it up a bit
🎶you sing better with company or guidance
🎶you want to learn how your voice actually works 😉
🎶you are classically trained and sing non-classical music🙌🏻

Okay, that last one’s not a requirement, but I have a soft spot in my heart for opera singers who are actually country singers at heart. I’m gonna take care of you and make it make sense.

Sound fun?

Here’s the schedule for this week:

Monday 1/24 2:00 pm – Head voice + Falsetto
Thursday 1/27 4:00 pm – Chest Voice

Sound fun? I think so too!

I’ll see you there!


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I'm an artist too! I love a good love song, a good story, and that good feeling you get when your music reflects real lives of real people like you.

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