Hi! I'm Courtney.

I create music that helps people feel seen and understood through shared experiences and emotions. I tell stories through my songs in the hope that someone else (maybe you!) will hear them and sigh and say, “ah, me too.”

I started writing songs in my bedroom as a kid because singing into my hairbrush over my Lila McCann CD blasting on the boombox was totally messing with my fantasy. Real country singers didn’t sing over the top of someone else’s record. They didn’t sing someone else’s songs. 

And neither did I.

I spent the next twelve years envisioning what my life would be like when I finally moved to Nashville. I did everything I knew to do to prepare – took voice lessons, participated in every musical activity available to me in my little town, and eventually decided to go to college for a music degree.

But what I found was that all of those “you can be anything you want to be” exclamations I’d heard my whole life were half-hearted.

The protective nature of the people who loved me, the harsh words of the doubters, and the warnings from well-intentioned mentors sank in way down deep until they became my own. 

I did move to Nashville. And then I sat in an empty bedroom writing songs I didn’t let anybody hear… just like I had at home.

I got a desk job. I hated it. 

My savior, my second chance, my little girl, came about six years later.

I knew there was no way I was going to give eleven hours of my life per day to a job I hated when I had a perfect little human being at home who was way more snuggly and just smelled so darn good. (babies, man. Can someone put that in a candle or something?) So I quit and I watched Jane the Virgin with a baby snuggled under my chin and I decompressed and life got good again.

And the more time I spent with my daughter, the more I thought about what I wanted for her in her life, the more I realized I had to undo all that had been done in me.

I could tell her to follow her dreams until I turned blue. Unless I followed my own, right there in front of her where she could see it, she probably wouldn’t ever truly follow hers, either. 

So little by little I started doing the work on myself, and I started helping other singers too – and you would be surprised at how much unraveling of bullshit limiting self-beliefs needs to be done even in the youngest of singers.

We all need a cheerleader.

And I’ll be yours, because I want to live in a world where no one feels alone, everyone feels capable, and everything is possible. 

I make music and I help singers make music because I want to prove it can be done. All of it. For myself. For my best friends who are artists in their own beautiful ways. For my daughter.

For you. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here. If you are ready to believe you really can be the singer and artist you want to be, book your free intro session with me. We’ll sing. We’ll chat. We’ll make the music you’re meant to make. 

See you soon!

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