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I help singers make their vision for their voice reality.

Not only do I believe you are capable and worthy of the voice you’ve always dreamed of having, I believe you can achieve it whether you’re brand new to singing or you’ve struggled unsuccessfully through vocal training for years. 

Because even though I’m an artist and I LOVE the idea of getting you ready to perform or record your music, I know that vocal coaching is about so much more than technique.

It’s about unraveling a lifetime of beliefs about your abilities, your worthiness, and the possibilities for your career (if that’s what you want). 

It’s about making singing something that brings you joy and feels like a relief everytime you come to it – not just another obligation or item on your to do list. 

It’s about learning to prioritize yourself in a world full of family responsibilities and bills to pay.

Because when you can make singing about showing yourself love, the technique will come, and it will come without the struggle, the resistance, and the self-doubt you’ve experienced in the past.

And before you know it you’ll have confidence in your voice and in the messages you deliver through it.


Are you ready to find out what's possible?

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