Has your classical vocal training left you with a voice you don't recognize, love, or feel at home in?

With POP SOUNDS, you’ll gain the tools to safely explore new tones and textures – the ones found in the music you most want to sing. 

Pop Sounds includes easy to access privately linked YouTube video tutorials, audio you can take anywhere, and a bonus Style Evolution guide to help you put your new PoP sounds in action.

You don't know who you are as an artist...

And your vocal training hasn’t helped.

You have felt yourself being pulled further and further away from your true sound and style by the ones you turned to for help. 

Eventually, you lost track of who you were supposed to be.

You are in the midst of a vocal identity crisis.

But you can discover your TRUE voice again!

That’s why I created Pop Sounds – to provide an easy to use tool kit for classically trained Indie Artists to rediscover their voices.

The journey to your true voice will be long with a million little epiphanies along the way, but in just a two weeks you’ll know exactly what you need to do to find it. 

Are you ready to rediscover the voice you innately know and love?

POP SOUNDS is a self-study program that will help you find and refine your unique voice as an artist. Through exploration of your lifetime of musical influences and practical technique lessons for different vocal tones and textures, you will emerge with a clear, confident picture of your true voice, and have the tools to make it happen.

You are frustrated because...

You sound too proper for the songs you sing.

You can’t seem to let go and experience true freedom when you perform.

Your voice feels locked in to a certain sound, and when you experiment with other tones, your body literally fights you.

You are scared to try new things because you’ve been told you’re risking your vocal health if you do.

But imagine if...

You could express yourself intuitively instead of according to a bunch of rules.

You had the confidence to perform without overthinking every note and every word.

You knew how to release tension in your body and safely explore bigger, badder sounds than you’ve ever made before.

You felt safe in your exploration because you have the informatioin you need to make informed decisions.

Your voice felt like a natural extension of you instead of manufactured and manipulated.

That’s what you can get with POP SOUNDS.

Instead of rigid rules and right or wrong, you’ll explore and experiment. 

Each tone and texture is like a color of paint, and your songs are the canvas. 

You are the artist. 
You are the decision maker.
You do what you LIKE, not what is “right.”

And you do it all with safe and healthy techniques your classical teacher never taught you. Because they didn’t know how.

I believe your voice matters.

I believe it’s time for your music to get made.

And I KNOW you can uncover the voice that lives underneath the rigid training you’ve received. 

And you can do it with POP SOUNDS.

Hey, I'm Courtney!

I’m a Nashville based vocal coach, vocal producer, songwriter, and indie country artist. I’m proud to be certified by Vocal Lab Collective, and I’ve got 5 years of experience working with independent artists in Nashville and across the world.

When I moved to Nashville, I was fresh out of college, Bachelor of Music degree in hand. I studied the music industry, but my actual music classes were all still rooted in classical education. 

And at least for me, that meant that I had a very pretty voice, but not a very expressive one, especially not in the part of my range I most wanted to use. 

I had been straight up indoctrinated to believe that anyone who sang pop music was pretty much ruining their voice. I had also been told over and over that what I wanted to sing and how I wanted to sing didn’t really matter. 

Needless to say I had a LOT to overcome. 

Whether you’re coming out the other side of training like mine, or you’re at the very beginning of your journey to find your voice, I want you to know something:

You are capable.

I have done so much work since then, and I can’t even TELL you how in love I am with the voice I’ve dug down, discovered, and developed. I sound exactly like I dreamed I could when I was 10, in the middle of the glory days when country radio actually played women, listening to Faith and Trisha and Tanya and Deanna and Pam and Lorrie and LeAnn. 

Once I finally let go of perfection and just started to play with different ways to tell the truth, magic started happening.

I want that for you, too. 

Were you wondering?

Heck yes. I use solid technique and easy to follow exercises to help you develop awesome sounds safely. 

When you purchase you’ll get immedate access a zip folder including:

A PDF with links to all 11 video lessons, plus a link to all of the corresponding downloadable audio.

A bonus pdf guide: Style Evolution. This guide walks you through how to use your pop sounds to develop your unique artistic voice.

There is no end date to finding your voice. You will always be on a journey with your voice just as you’re always growing and changing as a person. That is the beauty of art. You are never truly done.

That said, when I work one on one with clients we usually have the first “mini-epiphany” in the first month or two. Bigger epiphanies come around month six and month twelve. 

The trick is to stick with it. Small experimentation sessions (10-20 minutes) three or four times a week will keep you moving forward without burning you out. 

Due to the digital nature of this product, I don’t offer refunds on Pop Sounds. 

Sure! My email is courtney@courtneywaldron.com. Ask me anything!

You did? Was it that I’m currently in the middle of upgrading Pop Sounds? Did that Nosy Nelly also tell you that if you purchase Pop Sounds now, you’ll receive the upgrade at no additional cost? She did? 

She was right.

And the upgrade isn’t going to be priced at $27, so…

Do with that information what you will.

Yes, Pop Sounds is for you.

If you’re an artist whose training has left you feeling lost…

If you’re an artist having trouble finding a teacher or a coach who gets you…

If you’re an artist fed up with being put in a box…

If you’re an artist ready to fall in love with your voice again… or for the very first time.

With Pop Sounds, you can...

Warm Up like a pro

Prep for practice or a performance with a gentle well-rounded warm-up.

develop tones and textures

Explore the amazing sounds you hear your favorite artists use on their records.

discover your true voice

Choose the qualities you love most and use them to speak your truth.

stand out

No more, "What a pretty voice!"
Yes to, "Holy cow, listen to her!"

What is Covered in Pop Sounds?

Full Gentle Warm Up

Get ready to practice, perform, or just use this session to work on vocal balance.

Chest Voice

Develop deep, expressive, and strong tones in your lower register.

Head Voice

Learn to connect your head voice to your chest voice and keep it clear and light as a jingle bell.


Add a whisper to your voice that conveys tenderness, sensuality, and vulnerability.


Learn to project in a strong, healthy way.


Play with your "mixed" resonance and maintain vocal balance to create intensity in your middle voice.

Vocal Fry

Play with vocal fry to add expression and keep your voice healthy.

Gravel and Grit

Learn when it's okay to throw caution to the wind and dig deep for a big gutsy sound.


Discover your vibrato and play with different styles for intensity and freedom

Dark and Bright Tones

Choose varying colors for your voice depending on the mood of the music.

Register Flipping

Get emotional. Add the sound of sadness, anger, and more with this "yodely" sound.

What is Included in Pop Sounds?

  • 11 video lessons (2+ hours)

  • Downloadable audio (pulled from the video audio)

  • Bonus:
    Style Evolution Guide – Real, simple stragety for using your Pop Sounds (and more!) to find and refine your true artistic voice. 

Ready to use your imagination again?

Imagine standing in front of a studio mic, confident in your ability to be strong, tender, vulnerable, and authentic.

Imagine listening to your latest record for the first time and hearing the best vocal performance you have ever delivered.

Imagine standing on stage confident that who you are will come through your voice as naturally as you breathe.

Imagine the freedom that comes with rediscovering your TRUE voice.

I buried the lede...

What you might have scrolled over without reading earlier was true. 

Pop Sounds is getting an upgrade!

But, you shouldn’t wait for the new program to come out before buying, because the price is going up accordingly. 

And if you get in on Pop Sounds now, I will give you access to the new and improved product at no additional cost.

And Pop Sounds is good now… but it’s about to be a zillion times better.

Besides… don’t you want to love your voice now? Finally? After years of struggle? 

Because you can. And you will. 

You just need the right tools.

These tools.


Pop Sounds includes easy to access privately linked YouTube video tutorials, audio you can take anywhere, and a bonus Style Evolution guide to help you put your new PoP sounds in action.


pop Sounds

Still not sure? Take their word for it:

I thought my real voice was always ‘wrong.’ My past experience with vocal coaches has always been that I need to sing more “professional” and more “choir-like”. That classical-style training was not for me. When [Courtney showed me] that I could sing in my contemporary style while still keeping my voice healthy, it blew my mind!” – David Young, Americana artist

Claire stands under fruit tree with hand in hair. light streams through the leaves and leaves a patchwork of sunlight on her face.

“Every artist can count on Courtney to help them sound exactly how they want to, leading to the best records.” – Claire Dall, songwriter + pop artist

“Courtney has helped me regain my confidence as a singer.  She has also helped me gain the knowledge and confidence I need as a performer to make crowds go wild. I wouldn’t be chasing my dreams if it weren’t for Courtney!” – Ari Vail, Actor + Vocalist

Pop Sounds includes easy to access privately linked YouTube video tutorials, audio you can take anywhere, and a bonus Style Evolution guide to help you put your new PoP sounds in action.
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