Recommended Resources

*No links are affiliate links. I don’t get paid by anyone for referring you to these resources. I just REALLY believe in them!

Singing for the Stars by Seth Riggs

Of all the resources under $100 I’ve ever tried (and there are a lot of them) this is by far the best, most concise information, and the exercises WORK. It’s not a substitute for a coach, but it’s close!

The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron

If you’ve had artistic, creative dreams of any kind for a long time, but have never been able to act on them, this is the book for you. It literally changed my life for the better and I have high hopes it can change yours. 

Writing Better Lyrics by Pat Pattison

After giving up on songwriting for nearly five years, a few weeks with this book and I was back at it 1000x better than ever. Every songwriter I know swears by this book. 

Indepreneur - Music Marketing for Independent Musicians

There is a lot of noise out there when it comes to online marketers trying to “help” independent musicians. These guys are the real deal. With full explanations of the actual theory behind the marketing strategies they teach, you will always fully understand what you’re doing and why. They are priced extremely reasonably and they teach you how to use ads on a musician’s budget. So so so recommend. 

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