Hey, I'm Courtney, and I'm wondering...

Are you ready to recapture your joy, add some fun to your self care, proclaim that YOU are your priority from here on out, and maybe (just maybe) even reclaim some long abandoned dreams along the way, all through the PLAYFULNESS that is singing?

Good. You deserve it!

And I can help. 

You've run yourself ragged for far too long.

You did what you needed to do. You went to college like they told you to. You got a job so you could pay off your loans and pay your rent and feed yourself. Before you knew it you were buying a house and building a family and that career you started out of necessity feels more necessary than ever. 

But you’re bored. Uninspired. You hate getting up in the morning. You’re tired when you log off at night. You’re going through the motions. Even if you left your job for something “better” you don’t know where you’d go, because this isn’t ever what you saw for yourself. And yet, what always brought you joy and passion seems too far gone.

You’re stuck.

It's not your fault.

You didn’t quit singing on purpose. Maybe you never even had a chance to start.

Because between bills and to do lists and obligations and expectations, your priorities changed, and it turns out, YOU have not been one of your own priorities.

And you are not one of your priorities because we live in a world that tells women to take care of everyone but themselves.

We live in a world that values productivity and wealth and benchmark achievements like GPAs and performance reviews and promotions.

We do not live in a world that tells us that our rest, our joy, our emotional well-being matters. At all. Ever.

When you stopped believing your own joy mattered (somewhere between that high school diploma and the college degree, I’m guessing, because that’s when you “grow up”), you stopped INVESTING in it.

And when you lost that, you lost being GOOD at something you loved.

You lost the sense of accomplishment, that thing that always made you feel special in your own way.

You lost a piece of your joy.

And when you lose joy, it affects your whole life.

Your relationships fall a little flatter.
You act like a zombie in what little free time you have.
And your job? You’re too focused. It’s all you think about. Which means you’re never taking the breaks you need. Never letting your brain refresh. Sinking deeper and deeper into a hole you don’t like and you don’t understand.

What has always sustained your spirit is gone.
A thread that once seemed impossible to separate from life itself is gone.

You’re dying a slow soul death.

Here's the truth.

If YOU don’t learn to prioritize yourself, NO ONE ELSE will do it for you. 

You deserve boundaries at work. You deserve boundaries at home. You deserve to invest the money you’ve earned and the time you’ll never get back ON YOURSELF.

If you think you’ll never live out your childhood dreams of making records or singing on huge stages, so what’s the point… who cares?

The point isn’t the destination. The point is the action. The journey. The point is the JOY you feel when you turn on a song and sing along and feel that indescribable feeling of nerves, exhilaration, freedom and relief. 

You don’t have to be brave enough to dream your old dreams. You just have to be brave enough to open your mouth and sing again.

But I’ll tell you a secret – when you start singing again, dreaming again is almost inevitable.

You’ll ponder possibilities, opportunities will find you.

You’ll fall in love with life again. 

So how can I help you?


One on one coaching with the silliest exercises guaranteed to get you sounding strong and beautiful FAST - all while inspiring the most laughter and all the stress relief.


My personalized A&R (artist and repertoire) process which ensures you sound like YOU want to sound and say what YOU want to say.


My one of a kind Vocal Reclamation journal to facilitate the exploration and discovery of the reasons you love to sing, the reasons you left singing behind, and the ways you can support yourself to keep going even when it's hard.

Who am I, anyway?

I’m a high school dreamer turned 20-something cubicle farmer and spreadsheet organizer turned 30-something stay-at-home-mom turned independent artist and vocal coach. I always wanted to make music, and yet I went the route of student loans and societal expectations. I had to learn how miserable I’d be without my passion before I mustered up the bravery to pursue my life long goals. I finally released my debut single in September 2020 and throughout the process realized I needed to help other deep-down-hidden artists do the same. 

Singers who work with me say...

Ready to inject some joy into your life? I'VE GOT YOU.

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