Are you a singer? Do You need Self Care in your life?

Are you ready to recapture your joy, add some fun to your self care, proclaim that YOU are your priority from here on out, and maybe (just maybe) even reclaim some long abandoned dreams along the way, all through the PLAYFULNESS that is singing?

Good. You deserve it!

And I can help. 


Your body feels heavy.

The only thing you have to look forward to when you wake up in the morning is the coffee. 

You’re too tired to play with your kid or help with homework. 

You’re ALWAYS crabby with your partner.

And the ripple effects you’re putting out into the world aren’t the kinds of waves you want to be making. 

Why? You’re doing what you’re “supposed” to do, not what YOU NEED to do to take care of yourself.



You need to CLAIM or RECLAIM the creative spark that already lives deep within you.


You sing, but it feels like a chore.

Or you used to sing but you miss it terribly.

Or you always wanted to sing but never got the chance.

You have always felt a pull, heard a voice CALLING you to sing.


When you sing, you will feel at home in your voice, in your body, and most importantly, in your own life.

When you sing, you will gain the confidence to go back to school, explore your songwriting skills, speak up to your boss, or just spend your own hard earned money on yourself.

When you sing, you give yourself time on your calendar that belongs to you and only you.

When you sing, you discover who you are and why you matter (because you are someone special and you matter a whole lot). 

When you sing, you become the best partner, parent, community member, and SELF you are capable of being.


When you sing, you realize your value. Let me show you.



One on one coaching with the silliest exercises guaranteed to get you sounding strong and beautiful FAST - all while inspiring the most laughter and all the stress relief.


Your Life In Songs is my personal story exploration guide through which you'll process and learn to communicate the biggest turning points in your life through songs you know and maybe even songs you'll write.


My one of a kind Vocal Reclamation journal to facilitate the exploration and discovery of the reasons you love to sing, the reasons you left singing behind, and the ways you can support yourself to keep going even when it's hard.

Who am I, anyway?

I’m a high school dreamer turned 20-something cubicle farmer and spreadsheet organizer turned 30-something stay-at-home-mom turned independent artist and vocal coach. 

I always wanted to make music, and yet I went the route of student loans and societal expectations. I had to learn how miserable I’d be without my passion before I mustered up the bravery to pursue my life long goals. 

I finally released my debut single in September 2020 and throughout the process realized I needed to help other deep-down-hidden artists do the same. 

Singers who work with me say...

Ready to inject some joy into your life? I'VE GOT YOU.

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