Working with Courtney is my favorite form of self-care. I have gained confidence in both my abilities and daily interactions. I have processed through some pretty traumatic events by singing some kickass songs week after week. Knowing that I had my time with Courtney to look forward to has helped me navigate the stress, fatigue, and joy of teaching during these crazy times. – Carrie Speh, High School Teacher

The knowledge and the encouragement from Courtney has truly changed my life for the better. I wouldn’t be chasing my dreams if it weren’t for Courtney! – Ari Vail, Miss Supra Tennessee, Acting Student

I had been doubting my abilities and questioning whether [my dream] was worth pursuing. But after a session with Courtney, I feel so energized and confident! – Joanne Donovan, Actress

Courtney has such a genuine passion for helping people reach their fullest potential and meets each voice student where they are at. And she makes it fun! – Courtney Burns, singer/songwriter

Courtney undoubtedly has an intuition for teaching and tailored [our sessions] exactly to my personal goals and skill level. – David Young, Nashville based singer/songwriter, studio musician

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