Hey, Singer! I'm Courtney.

Are you done being critical of your own voice? Ready to love it, no matter what?

Want warm and fuzzy, a little bit buzzy feelings when you open your mouth to sing?

How about the confidence of understanding exactly how your voice works and how to help it show up for you every single time you need it?

What if you got to stop worrying about “right” and “wrong,” and expressing yourself and the truth of your music was your sole focus anytime you stepped up to a mic?

Well, it’s so nice to meet you. I can definitely help you with that.

What’s my background? I am a choral singer turned opera singer turned… country singer. Yeah, that took a turn. 

I care SO MUCH about YOU sounding like YOU because for the first 25 years of my life, I didn’t sound like me.

But country is what I actually always wanted to do. I dove head first into choir and classical training because I really wanted to sing. I wanted to sing all. the. time. And those were the opportunities available to me in my tiny little middle-of-nowhere town. 

But that made singing country music really hard for me. I struggled with certain things about my voice that my classical teachers didn’t know how to solve, on top of often being told the way I really wanted to sing was “wrong.” 

I stayed in the classical system all the way through college, thinking eventually I’d find someone with the experience or knowledge to help me, but even in my Music Industry/Commercial Music program, there was no one. I was still training to sing opera. 

And after I left school, it took me years to figure out what my next steps should be. 

Multiple coaches, text books, methods, experiments, and an amazing opportunity to train + certify as a coach with Vocal Lab Collective later, and I finally feel like I have the voice I’ve always wanted.

And my ONLY goal as a coach is to give you the voice YOU have always wanted – safely and sustainably.

Here's What I Believe In:

  • Any style of singing can be done sustainably.
  • Exploring the sounds your fave singers make is a-okay.
  • There’s no right or wrong way – just what sounds and feels good to you.
  • Understanding vocal function is the key to all your wildest singing dreams coming true.
  • Singers are vocal athletes and should train accordingly.
  • Everyone deserves to use their voice. Gatekeepers, begone!


Hiring me is like...

…hiring a guide for a private expedition through your musical past, present, and future. I’ll show you what’s available to you, point out the possibilities, I’ll push you, encourage you. We’ll rediscover all your vocal influences and we’ll develop what’s truly unique to you and your voice. Our time together is 100% customized to your personalized goals. 


For a limited time, I am exploring offering lessons on a sliding scale.

I love working with all kinds of singers, from young students to college students to independent artists to adult hobby singers. The resources available to people throughout these groups vary widely, and I believe that all deserve access to the vocal training they desire.

Regardless of the tier your choose, each session is a full, high quality coaching session.  

This scale operates on the honor system. I will not ask for any kind of documentation or question your payment choices in our sessions. I will always honor what you feel is best in your situation. “Who It’s For” (listed below) are guidelines and I trust you to make the best decision for yourself.



Who it’s for:

those who are on very tight budgets and/or are not necessarily making any income with their music. Paying at the Gold level means you absolutely could not afford voice lessons.


4 sessions, 30 minutes each / $100
4 sessions, 55 minutes each / $200
Full time hourly breakdown: $50/hr

gold voice lessons

Who it’s for:

those who are working in music at least semi-professionally, or for singers approaching vocal coaching as a hobby or self-care activity, and have some disposable income.


3 sessions, 55 minutes each / $225
4 sessions, 55 minutes each / $275
Full time hourly breakdown: $70/hr

pay it forward

Who it’s for:

those who can comfortably afford to partially subsidize those at the lower tiers. Think of this as supporting singers who might not otherwise be able to afford high quality coaching. 


3 sessions, 55 minutes each / $270
4 sessions, 55 minutes each / $350
Full time hourly breakdown: $90/hr

*After purchase, you will receive a booking link. If you’d rather pay via Venmo, if you need to chat before committing, or if you have any technical difficulties during or after purchase, reach out to me at courtney@courtneywaldron.com!

Coaching Locations

I primarily coach online via FaceTime, Skype, and GoogleMeet. 

Local Nashville singers and artists are welcome in my home studio after one initial online lesson. 

If you’re interested in having me meet you in the studio, check out my Vocal Production rates

Here's what my clients say about me:

What surprised me the most was that I can sing in my own vocal style in a healthy and sustainable way. I didn’t think it was possible! I thought my real voice was always “wrong” [because of] my past experience with vocal coaches. When Courtney showed me that I could sing in my style while still keeping my voice healthy, it blew my mind! 

David Young, Nashville based Americana artist

I was encouraged at a young age to never take voice lessons as the instructor might try and change your voice to how he/she wanted it. However, Courtney had no interest in changing my voice. I left feeling like my voice and range was freed up, more relaxed, and ready to conquer any song.

Courtney Burns, singer/songwriter

My weekly sessions with Courtney have been incredibly cathartic. We laugh, I cry, and I grow because of Courtney’s kindness & gift for teaching.

Carrie Speh, High School Teacher, Praise + Worship singer

Okay, but really, how are you gonna be *better* when this is all over?

You’ll let go of singing “correctly” and really lean into singing like YOU – in a healthy, sustainable way.

You’ll leave behind previous training and thought processes that are pulling you further and further away from your true sound.

You’ll learn your voice and your songs like you’ve never known them before, inside and out.

You’ll connect so deeply to your songs in the studio that your whole body responds.

You’ll deliver vocal performances you never dreamed you could pull off.

And although I’m not in a position to make any guarantees, there are multiple studies that show making music , especially singing, is great for your mental health. So take that as you will. 

” I sang one take all the way through my song with SO much emotion that after it was over I felt like I had just run a 5k: the endorphins were pumping, I felt amazed by my new voice, and I was literally shaking. It was the coolest experience I have had with my vocals.

David Young, Nashville based Americana artist

I've been helping artists develop voices they love for 5+ years.

Now it's your turn.

By investing in your voice, you are investing in your present and future as a singer and a happy human.

You are promising yourself vocal longevity. 

You are giving yourself an asset (your voice, of course!) that will keep. on. giving. 

Best of all, you are committing to develop a voice that is true to yourself. 

You are committing to BE true to yourself. 

Nothing will ever be better than that.

But ya know what? I know so, so well how big of a decision this is. You have to be absolutely convinced you’ll be in good hands. 

So sign up for your free session now! We’ll explore:

  • How to intuitively find YOUR voice
  • Why the way you talk about your voice is holding you back
  • How to set yourself up for a studio session that delivers killer performance, not just impressive vocals

Ready to talk?

I seriously can’t wait to hear from you. Talk to you soon!

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