Singing is Self Care

Hey! I’m Courtney, and I’m a lifelong musician who took a detour into the world of corporate sales ops for nearly six years. I started at the bottom and slowly but surely worked my way up the ladder. I had never been so immersed in something that had so little to do with the arts.

Over those years, I learned, almost to my own detriment, how instrumental (pun intended) music had been to my mental health and wellbeing.

As they say, you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone.

I was so wrapped up in my job that I didn’t have the energy to write songs or even sing along with the radio in the car anymore. My spark was gone. I had always believed that inspiration would find me when the time was right, but it seemed to have quit on me entirely.

At work I tried not to complain…

but I wasn’t much fun to be around. At home, I’d walk in the door and melt into a puddle on the couch. My brain felt like scrambled eggs. I’d eat dinner, go to bed, wake up in the morning and head to work, repeat. My days revolved around my morning coffee and my afternoon chocolate cake.

And then I decided to find a voice coach.

I’m supposed to tell you that my first voice lesson and my first voice coach changed everything. And it’s true that it was a big turning point for me. But human stories are more complicated than that. What followed was several more decisions and revelations, leaps of faith, and accidental turns.

All of it got me to where I am today.

Now, I’m a country singer, songwriter, and artist, releasing music independently – the fulfillment of a lifelong dream.

I also discovered a passion for helping all kinds of people find their voices

including budding artists in their teens and twenties, and especially professional women desperate to reclaim their creative spark.

I use the act of learning to sing and express yourself authentically through music as a potent kind of self care and self healing. Through music, so much can be explored, including your values and your very place in the world. Music can help to heal trauma. It can amplify joy. It can inspire gratitude. It can spread love.

And most of all, making music is a powerful practice of connecting to your own intuition, your inner guide, your compass. Music can help you find your true north.

Put simply: Singing is self care.

Whether you are called to be an artist, or you’re a Girl Boss in need of some fun and meaningful self care, music is a key to a more energized, content, self-assured life.

It’s an honor to support all kinds of women in creating their own versions of fulfillment.

Want to learn more? Let’s connect!

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