The Gift of Song - Six Session Vocal Coaching Package


The Gift of Song – Six Session Vocal Coaching Package


THE GIFT OF SONG is a six session vocal coaching package for your favorite singer in your life.

When you purchase THE GIFT OF SONG, you will receive a digital punch card with this message attached:

“Dear singer,

Nice to meet you! I’m Courtney, and I’m a vocal coach. Someone you love has given you the gift of song, which means for six 50 minute sessions, I will have the honor of exploring your voice with you.

I work with everyone from small kids with big dreams to adults singing for self care to independent artists playing and making records here in Nashville, TN. Whether you fall into any of thoses categories or are somewhere else along the spectrum, I want you to know that these sessions are going to put your needs, desires, and goals for your voice FIRST.

Six sessions isn’t much in the long run but it is certainly enough time to learn something new, hone your craft, reignite a spark, or build a newfound foundation of confidence. Whatever you need, whatever you want, I’m here for you. I can’t wait! Email me at to schedule your first session.”

Sessions can be scheduled with me personally, and can be used as quickly as once per week for six weeks, or must be used within 6 months of purchase.

Sessions take place via video call. I use FaceTime, Skype, or Google Meet. (Zoom is not ideal for lessons, sorry!)

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The gift of song is perfect for the singer in your life who needs a little nudge. Maybe she has always loved to sing but hasn’t been able to invest in herself. Maybe she’s ready to rediscover her love of singing, or maybe you hear her singing in the shower daily and think she might enjoy a little vocal exploration in a safe and fun environment. Maybe you’ve got a budding superstar who needs a little guidance and a glimpse into the industry. Maybe you’ve got someone who just needs a way to blow off steam in a creative way for a few weeks.

No matter the exact reasons, I am here to provide a supportive, silly, safe environment for any vocalist to explore his or or her voice. I coach with silly voices, visual metaphors, and functional insight into how our bodies work to produce our voices. I’ll sing anything with you from Madonna to Mozart – it is completely up to the singer.

The GIFT OF SONG includes six sessions, which is enough time to build a foundation, explore the possibilities, and maybe even polish up a song or two. Results will vary depending on the experience level of the singer and how much “work” they put in between sessions. But this is a GIFT, not a class for school, and I will not be pressuring or pushing anyone to put in time or effort that doesn’t make sense for them.

If you have any questions before making this investment, please reach out to me at I’ll help you out with anything you need.

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