Singers Who Work With Me Say...

I have been singing for years and was encouraged at a young age to never take voice lessons as the instructor might try and change your voice to how he/she wanted it. I listened to that piece of advice. However, […] Courtney had no interest in changing my voice.

I appreciated that Courtney started the lesson by asking what I wanted to work on. We did a vocal warmup, worked on a song I wanted to help to strengthen my low notes, and then ended with a cool down.

She makes taking voice lessons fun! I laughed at ridiculous sounds I was making for a warmup, and I left feeling like my voice and range was freed up, more relaxed, and ready to conquer any song. Courtney has such a genuine passion for helping people reach their fullest potential and meets each voice student where they are at.

Take a voice lesson from Courtney. You will not regret it!

– Courtney, Maine/Nashville based Singer/Songwriter

Even with my previous lessons and own training, Courtney showed me many things with my voice I had been overlooking. I expressed some of my goals with my voice in the beginning of the lesson, and she jumped right in with warmups, vocal stretches, exercises, and concepts that were pretty much tailored exactly to my personal goals and skill level. She undoubtedly has an intuition for teaching, and she made me feel very comfortable (even doing some of the more silly exercises). Courtney is an incredible vocal coach and her natural ability to teach translates as well over video-chat as it would in real life.

– David, Nashville based Singer/Songwriter

Courtney has helped me regain my confidence as a singer. I didn’t sing for over a year when I had started lessons with her, now I’m miles better than I was before I had stopped! She has helped me prepare for my upcoming trip to New York for a performing arts contest to audition for opera companies. She has also helped me gain the knowledge and confidence I need as a performer to make crowds go wild. The knowledge and the encouragement from her has truly changed my life for the better. I wouldn’t be chasing my dreams if it weren’t for Courtney!

– Ari, Award winning vocalist, Operatic Soprano

After my first session with Courtney, I feel so energized and confident. After being dormant in the musical theatre scene for a while, I have been doubting my abilities and questioning whether it is worth pursuing. But Courtney was so encouraging throughout the entire session! I was amazed at how efficient our session was because we did so much, including vocal warm ups and exercises to improve mixed voice technique, and implementing these techniques in songs I plan to perform. All of the information was so useful and thoughtful. Courtney was patient and frequently asked me how I was feeling or if I had questions, which really shows how much she cares. I can’t wait to implement what she taught me and I would love to work with her again! Thank you Courtney!

– Joanne, Musical Theater Actor

Courtney is an amazing vocal coach! She makes me feel extremely comfortable.  Doing vocal warm ups and singing in front of her is so much fun and so easy!  She encourages me so much and gives me the confidence that I’ve needed.  But other than teaching, she is so caring and so sweet, she’s amazing!  I have progressed so far since I’ve started my lessons with Courtney and it hasn’t even been that long! She is also a extremely wise woman. She is truly the best vocal coach.

– Nevaeh, Aspiring K-pop artist

Courtney has done an incredible job of helping my daughter grow in her singing abilities! We reached out to Courtney because we knew that she was both well-educated and talented, and we are so thankful that we did! My daughter looks forward to her lessons each week and, as a teacher myself, I appreciate how Courtney breaks down her lessons and gives my daughter specific assignments to work on. We highly recommend working with Courtney!

– Emilee, Musical Theater student

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