hi, i'm courtney

I help singers.

I have three huge passions when it comes to helping singers make music:

  • I develop beginning and intermediate singers into vocal artists.
  • I translate and adjust classical technique in classically trained singers to make it all make sense for country, pop or whatever music your heart actually desires. 
  • I collab with singers of all levels and backgrounds to make killer records with vocal technique that works, my unique vocal expression framework, and support in the studio. 

Your music matters, your voice has value, and I will always respect your vision and help you make the most of every song, every performance, and every opportunity.

Let's Work Together!

This is my free guide, built to lead you step by step through the single release process. Includes:

  • Finding your producer
  • Registering to receive the royalties due to you
  • Promoting your release. 

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Vocal coaching is great for:

  • Beginning singers looking to learn the basics and maintain a healthy voice.
  • Professional performers building strength and stamina
  • Singers who want to dive deeper into exploration of their personal style
  • Artists preparing their voices to record. 

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Vocal Production is great for:

  • Indie Artists looking to make a strong debut
  • Singers who can’t seem to make their vocals sound as good in the studio as they do on stage
  • Self-producers who never quite get the vocal they’re hoping for
  • Producers who need some help translating from recording speak to voice speak with an artist

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Here's what my clients say about me:

Courtney undoubtedly has an intuition for teaching and tailored [our sessions] exactly to my personal goals and skill level. – David Young, Nashville based singer/songwriter, studio musician

Courtney has such a genuine passion for helping people reach their fullest potential and meets each voice student where they are at. And she makes it fun! – Courtney Burns, singer/songwriter

Working with Courtney is my favorite form of self-care. I have gained confidence in both my abilities and daily interactions. I have processed through some pretty traumatic events by singing some kickass songs week after week. Knowing that I had my time with Courtney to look forward to has helped me navigate the stress, fatigue, and joy of teaching during these crazy times. – Carrie Speh, High School Teacher

The knowledge and the encouragement from Courtney has truly changed my life for the better. I wouldn’t be chasing my dreams if it weren’t for Courtney! – Ari Vail, Miss Supra Tennessee, Acting Student

I had been doubting my abilities and questioning whether [my dream] was worth pursuing. But after a session with Courtney, I feel so energized and confident! – Joanne Donovan, Actress

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